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Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20230101 Greyville Flamboyant Stakes G3 3upfm 1600T Canadian Summer
20230102 Turffontein Tony Ruffel Stakes G3 3yo 1400T Royal Victory
20230102 Turffontein Three Troikas Stakes G3 3yof 1400T Miss Cool
20230102 Turffontein London News Stakes G3 3up 1800T Puerto Manzano
20230107 Kenilworth Sceptre Stakes G2 3upfm 1200T Princess Calla
20230107 Kenilworth Premier Trophy G2 3up 1800T Rascallion
20230107 Kenilworth Paddock Stakes G1 3upfm 1800T Make It Snappy
20230107 Kenilworth King's Plate G1 3up 1600T Al Muthana
20230107 Kenilworth Chairman’s Cup G3 3up 2500T Crome Yellow
20230121 Kenilworth Politician Stakes G3 3yo 1800T Rockpool
20230122 Turffontein Sea Cottage Stakes G3 3yo 1800T Billy Bowlegs
20230128 Kenilworth Majorca Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T Desert Miracle
20230128 Kenilworth Cape Flying Championship G1 3up 1000T Gimme A Prince
20230128 Kenilworth Cape Town Met G1 3up 2000T Jet Dark
20230128 Kenilworth Western Cape Stayers G2 3up 2800T Salvator Mundi
20230204 Turffontein Tommy Hotspur Stakes G3 3up 1000T Rollwiththepunches
20230204 Turffontein Gauteng Fillies Guineas G2 3yof 1600T Lady Of Power
20230204 Turffontein Gauteng Guineas G2 3yo 1600T Eye Of The Prophet
20230225 Kenilworth Prix Du Cap G3 3upfm 1400T Live My Life
20230225 Kenilworth Cape of Good Hope Nursery G3 2yo 1200T Winter Cloud
20230225 Kenilworth Cape Derby G1 3yo 2000T See It Again
20230226 Kenilworth Diadem Stakes G2 3up 1200T Bereave
20230226 Turffontein Acacia Stakes G3 3upfm 1600T Clafoutis
20230304 Turffontein Hawaii Stakes G2 3up 1400T Under Your Spell
20230304 Turffontein SA Fillies Classic G1 3yo 1800T Bless My Stars
20230304 Turffontein SA Classic G1 3yo 1800T Anfields Rocket
20230311 Turffontein Senor Santa Stakes G2 3up 1160T Princess Calla
20230318 Turffontein Sycamore Sprint G3 3upfm 1160T Alula's Star
20230325 Turffontein Protea Stakes G3 2yo 1100T Lucky Lad
20230325 Turffontein Pretty Polly Stakes G3 2yof 1100T Leaving Las Vegas
20230325 Turffontein Colorado King Stakes G2 3up 2000T Rain In Holland
20230401 Turffontein Man O’ War Sprint G3 3yo 1100T Mercantour
20230401 Turffontein H. F. Oppenheimer Horse Chestnut Stakes G1 3up 1600T Trip Of Fortune
20230401 Turffontein SA Derby G1 3yo 2450T Son Of Raj
20230401 Turffontein SA Oaks G2 3yof 2450T None Other
20230401 Turffontein Caradoc Gold Cup G3 3up 2850T Nebraas
20230402 Greyville Umzimkhulu Stakes G3 3yo 1400T Shantastic
20230402 Greyville Byerley Turk G3 3yo 1400T Strawberry Bear
20230415 Turffontein Empress Club Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T Desert Miracle
20230429 Turffontein SA Fillies Nursery G2 2yof 1160T Mrs Geriatrix
20230429 Turffontein SA Nursery G2 2yo 1160T Lucky Lad
20230429 Turffontein Computaform Sprint G1 3up 1000T Isivunguvungu
20230429 Turffontein Premier’s Champions Challenge G1 3yp 2000T Puerto Manzano
20230429 Turffontein Camellia Stakes G2 3upfm 1160T Cold Fact
20230429 Turffontein Gerald Rosenberg Stakes G2 3upfm 2000T Gilded Butterfly
20230430 Scottsville Strelitzia Stakes G3 2yof 1100T Winter Cloud
20230430 Scottsville Godolphin Barb Stakes G3 2yo 1100T Cliff Hanger
20230430 Scottsville Poinsettia Stakes G3 3upfm 1200T Marigold Hotel
20230501 Kenilworth Variety Club Mile G3 3yo 1600T
20230501 Kenilworth Champagne Stakes G3 3upfm 1200T
20230506 Greyville Drill Hall Stakes G2 3up 1400T
20230506 Greyville WSB Fillies Guineas G2 3yof 1600T
20230506 Greyville WSB Guineas G2 3yo 1600T
20230507 Turffontein Gold Bowl G3 3up 3200T
20230510 Kenilworth Winter Nursery G3 2yo 1100T
20230513 Greyville Greyville 1900 G2 3up 1900T
20230520 Kenilworth Legal Eagle Stakes G3 3yo 1800T
20230527 Greyville Lonsdale Stirrup Cup G3 3up 2400T
20230527 Greyville Woolavington 2000 G1 3yof 2000T
20230527 Greyville Daily News 2000 G1 3yo 2000T
20230603 Scottsville Allan Robertson Championship G1 2yof 1200T
20230603 Scottsville Gold Medallion G1 2yo 1200T
20230603 Scottsville SA Fillies Sprint G1 3upfm 1200T
20230603 Scottsville Golden Horse Sprint G1 3up 1200T
20230610 Greyville Cup Trial G3 3up 1800T
20230610 Greyville Tibouchina Stakes G2 3upfm 1400T
20230610 Greyville Gold Challenge G1 3up 1600T
20230611 Turffontein Jubilee Stakes G3 3up 1800T
20230617 Scottsville Track and Ball Derby G3 3up 2400T
20230617 Scottsville Track and Ball Oaks G2 3upfm 2400T
20230624 Kenilworth Langerman G3 2yo 1500T
20230624 Kenilworth Pocket Power Stakes G3 3yo 2400T
20230701 Greyville Campanajo 2200 G3 3up 2200T
20230701 Greyville Gold Vase G3 3up 3000T
20230701 Greyville Golden Slipper G2 2yof 1400T
20230701 Greyville Golden Horseshoe G2 2yo 1400T
20230701 Greyville Durban July G1 3up 2200T
20230701 Greyville Garden Province Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T
20230701 Greyville Post Merchants G2 3up 1200T
20230722 Kenilworth Final Fling Stakes G3 3upfm 1800T
20230730 Greyville The Debutante G2 2yof 1200T
20230730 Greyville Umkhomazi Stakes G2 2yo 1200T
20230730 Greyville Thekwini Stakes G1 2yof 1600T
20230730 Greyville Premier’s Champion Stakes G1 2yo 1600T
20230730 Greyville Mercury Sprint G1 3up 1200T
20230730 Greyville Gold Cup G3 3up 3200T
20230730 Greyville Champions Cup G1 3up 1800T
20230730 Greyville Gold Bracelet G2 3upfm 2000T


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