Results – Graded Stakes (January 2019)

Date Country Stakes Winner Sire F-No. Video
1 NZ Eclipse Stakes (G3) Whiskey Neat DENMAN (AUS) 2-s
1 NZ Great Northern Guineas (G2) Surely Sacred ROCK ‘N’ POP (AUS) 17
1 NZ Royal Stakes (G2) Imelda Mary FERLAX (NZ) 6-d
1 NZ Rich Hill Mile (G2) On The Rocks ALAMOSA (NZ) 9-h
1 NZ City of Auckland Cup (G3) Prince Jabeel SAVABEEL (AUS) 16-c
1 NZ Railway Stakes (G1) Santa Monica PER INCANTO (USA) 14-a
1 AUS Standish Handicap (G3) Whispering Brook HINCHINBROOK (AUS) 4-j
1 HK Chinese Club Challenge Cup (G3) Conte STARCRAFT (NZ) C6 YouTube
1 SIN New Year Cup (G3) Constant Justice MAGNUS (AUS) A5
1 IND South India Oaks (G1) New Creation MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 21-a YouTube
1 TRI Sian’s Gold Sprint (G3) Awesome April WILL TAKE CHARGE (USA) 22-b YouTube
1 PR Clasico Verset’s Jet (G3) She’s A Bullet BRETHREN (USA) 6-a YouTube
1 USA Joe Hernandez Stakes (G3) Caribou Club CITY ZIP (USA) 12-b
3 UAE Dubawi Stakes (G3) Raven’s Corner RAVEN’S PASS (USA) 3-d YouTube
3 UAE Singspiel Stakes (G3) Dream Castle FRANKEL (GB) 2-e YouTube
4 BHR Al Salam Bank Cup (G2) Baltic Knight BALTIC KING (GB) 11
4 BHR Aluminium Bahrain (Alba Cup) (G2) Shogun FASTNET ROCK (AUS) 14-c
4 SAF Sceptre Stakes (G2) Clouds Unfold WHAT A WINTER (SAF) 16-b
4 CHI Copa Jackson (G2) Ya Primo MASTERCRAFTSMAN (IRE) 20-a YouTube
5 JPN Nakayama Kimpai (G3) Win Bright STAY GOLD (JPN) 18
5 JPN Kyoto Kimpai (G3) Pax Americana KUROFUNE (USA) 12
5 MAC Winter Trophy (G2) Rose Gold Alloy DUTCH ART (GB) 7-a YouTube
5 AUS La Trice Classic (G3) Celebrity Dream THORN PARK (AUS) 14-b
5 AUS Perth Cup (G2) Star Exhibit STATUE OF LIBERTY (USA) 1-x
5 IND Bangalore Oaks (G2) Mea Culpa MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 6-d YouTube
5 IND New Year Cup (G3) Tutankhamun PHOENIX TOWER (USA) 8-c YouTube
5 SAF Politician Stakes (G3) Twist Of Fate MASTER OF MY FATE (SAF) 1-w
5 SAF Peninsula Handicap (G2) Doublemint TWICE OVER (GB) 9-f
5 SAF Paddock Stakes (G1) Oh Susanna STREET CRY (IRE) 9-e
5 SAF Queen’s Plate (G1) Do It Again TWICE OVER (GB) 3-o
5 SDA Prince Mohamed Ben Saud Alkabeer Cup (G2) Be Azn Allah ALNAJIM ALTHAKEB (SDA) 9-f YouTube
5 SAF Chairman’s Cup (G3) Gimme One Night GIMMETHEGREENLIGHT (AUS) 1-s
5 ARG Clasico Apertura (G3) American Song STRIPES SONG (ARG) 1-n YouTube
5 USA San Gabriel Stakes (G2) Next Shares ARCHARCHARCH (USA) 22-a YouTube
5 USA Sham Stakes (G3) Gunmetal Gray EXCHANGE RATE (USA) 20-a YouTube
5 DR Clasico Ano Nuevo (G2) Tango Dancer TANGO TALES (USA) 1-w YouTube
6 HK Bauhinia Sprint Trophy (G3) Jolly Banner LONHRO (AUS) 9-f YouTube
6 JPN Shinzan Kinen (G3) Val d’Isere LORD KANALOA (JPN) 8-f
6 SAF Three Troikas Stakes (G3) Storm Destiny DYNASTY (SAF) 7-b
6 SAF Tony Ruffel Stakes (G3) Hawwaam SILVANO (GER) 9
6 SAF London News Stakes (G3) Dawn Assault CALL TO COMBAT (SAF) 1-l
6 URU Gran Premio Maronas (G2) Holy Legal HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (IRE) 14-c YouTube
6 URU Gran Premio Pedro Pineyrua (G1) Fitzgerald PUT IT BACK (USA) 3-o YouTube
6 PR Clasico Dia de Reyes (G3) Esplendorosa HOCKENHEIM (USA) 1-h YouTube
6 PAN Clasico Ano Nuevo (G1) Trincheto JUMP START (USA) 18-a YouTube
6 URU Gran Premio Jose Pedro Ramirez (G1) First Thing FIRST AMERICAN (USA) 4-r YouTube
6 USA Santa Ynez Stakes (G2) Bellafina QUALITY ROAD (USA) 9 YouTube
6 URU Gran Premio Ciudad de Montevideo (G1) La Mansa Nistel VAN NISTELROOY (USA) 3-b YouTube
7 IND Golconda Oaks (G2) Bluebell PACO BOY (IRE) 1-l YouTube
9 HK January Cup (G3) Simply Brilliant FRANKEL (GB) 12-b YouTube
10 UAE Maktoum Challenge R1 (G2) North America DUBAWI (IRE) 9-f YouTube
11 BHR H.H.Sh.Mohamed Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup (G3) Evergate EXCEED AND EXCEL (AUS) 1-k
11 BHR H.H.Sh.Isa Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup (Local Bred) (G2) Milyar BLUE KSAR (FR) 9-e
11 BHR H.H.Sh.Isa Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup (Importde) (G2) Thorkhill Star EQUIANO (FR) 14-c
12 NZ Trentham Stakes (G3) Consensus POSTPONED (USA) 4-d
12 NZ Levin Classic (G1) Madison County PINS (AUS) 13-b
12 NZ Tui Anniversary Handicap (G3) Supera SAVABEEL (AUS) 16
12 JPN Fairy Stakes (G3) Figlia Pura HARBINGER (GB) 4-m
12 IND Ramniwas Ramnarain Ruia Gold Cup (G3) Star Superior EXCELLENT ART (GB) 14-b YouTube
12 SDA Ministry of Justice Cup (G3) Yajooz TAKE TURNS (USA) 17-b YouTube
12 USA Tropical Turf Stakes (G3) Doctor Mounty STREET SENSE (USA) 14-c YouTube
12 USA Marshua’s River Stakes (G3) Bellavais TAPIT (USA) 4-r YouTube
12 ARG Clasico Botafogo (G3) Hole in One HELIOSTATIC (IRE) 1-d YouTube
12 USA Las Cienegas Stakes (G3) Belvoir Bay EQUIANO (FR) 4-l YouTube
12 USA La Canada Stakes (G3) Escape Clause GOING COMMANDO (USA) 12-b YouTube
13 JPN Nikkei Shinshun Hai (G2) Glory Vase DEEP IMPACT (JPN) 9-f
13 MAL Perak Derby (G1) D’Great Timing GOOD JOURNEY (USA) 9-h YouTube
13 IND Calcutta Derby (G1) Adjudicate MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 23-b YouTube
13 ARG Clasico Buenos Aires (G3) El Consorte GRAND REWARD (USA) 3-h YouTube
13 PR Clasico Eugenio Maria de Hostos (G3) Prometida ALBERT THE GOLD (USA) 5-h YouTube
13 PER Clasico Ciudad de Lima (G2) Dixie Wave STORMY ATLANTIC (USA) 2-n YouTube
14 JPN Keisei Hai (G3) Last Draft NOVELLIST (IRE) 9-f
14 IND Byerly Turk Million (G3) Sitara ARAZAN (IRE) 4-m YouTube
15 IND South India Derby (G1) Psychic Force MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 14-c YouTube
15 ARG Clasico Lucio Taborda (G3) Grand Splendid GRAND REWARD (USA) 1-x YouTube
17 UAE Cape Verdi (G2) Poetic Charm DUBAWI (IRE) 1-n YouTube
18 IND Champions’ Sprint Trophy (G2) Multitude MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 1-b YouTube
18 BHR Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Cup (G2) Dushanbe POKER-B (IRE) 4-r
18 SDA Prince Naif Ben Abdalaziz Cup (G2) Koamal SEEKING A HOME (USA) 4-r YouTube
18 SDA Prince Bader bin Abdalaziz Cup (G2) Khasibah CHIEF LONE EAGLE (USA) 8-k YouTube
18 SDA Prince Sultan Ben Abdalaziz Cup (G2) La Casa Tarifa CASAMENTO (IRE) 5-b YouTube
18 SDA King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Cup (G1) Alzahzaah WORLDLY (USA) 6-e YouTube
19 NZ Thorndon Mile (G1) Shadows Cast PER INCANTO (USA) 1-n
19 NZ Telegraph (G1) Enzo’s Lad TESTA ROSSA (AUS) 14-b
19 NZ Desert Gold Stakes (G3) Secret Allure ZACINTO (GB) 3-i
19 NZ Wellington Cup (G3) Gorbachev GORKY PARK (NZ) 16-a
19 SDA King Fahad bin Abdulaziz Cup (G1) Mojtahah HAILSTONE (USA) 3-i YouTube
19 SDA King Khaled bin Abdulaziz Cup (G1) Enayat Almajeed RUN AWAY AND HIDE (USA) 1-l YouTube
19 SDA King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Cup (G1) Sharae AL SAMHA (USA) 2-f YouTube
19 SDA King Saud bin Abdulaziz Cup (G1) Alnofoor SLEEPING INDIAN (USA) 23-b YouTube
19 USA Toboggan Stakes (G3) Solid Wager BIRDONTHEWIRE (USA) 2-h YouTube
19 ARG Clasico Latinoamerica (G3) Luk Joy FORTIFY (USA) 10-b YouTube
19 JAM Reggae Trophy (G1) Money Magnet NUCLEAR WAYNE (USA) 11-g YouTube
19 USA LeComte Stakes (G3) War of Will WAR FRONT (USA) 8-f
19 USA Palos Verdes Stakes (G2) Roy H MORE THAN READY (USA) 25
20 JPN Tokai Stakes (G2) Inti CAME HOME (USA) 4-m
20 JPN American Jockey Club Cup (G2) Sciacchetra MANHATTAN CAFE (JPN) 4-r
20 HK Centenary Sprint Cup (G1) Beat the Clock HINCHINBROOK (AUS) 8-f YouTube
20 HK Stewards’ Cup (G1) Beauty Generation ROAD TO ROCK (AUS) 22-b YouTube
20 IND Poonawalla Million (G3) Free Gold ARAZAN (IRE) 9-f YouTube
20 IND Indian Oaks (G1) Roberta MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 5-e YouTube
20 VEN Clasico Francisco de Miranda (G2) Gran Omero KING SERAF (VEN) 14-b YouTube
20 VEN Clasico Andres Bello (G2) Cacciatora POINT OF ENTRY (USA) 9-e YouTube
20 BRZ Grande Premio Roger Guedon (G3) Olympic Imola DROSSELMEYER (USA) 4-c YouTube
20 URU Clasico Jose Serrato (G3) Supersticiosa MOGADOR (USA) 8-c YouTube
20 BRZ Grande Premio Jose Buarque de Macedo (G3) Garbo Talks PUT IT BACK (USA) 2-h YouTube
20 BRZ Grande Premio Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro (G3) Olhar Magico PIONEERING (USA) 2-n YouTube
20 PER Clasico Enrique Meiggs (G2) Siempre Alerta EASING ALONG (USA) 7-f YouTube
20 USA Astra Stakes (G3) Pantsonfire SIR PERCY (GB) 4-r YouTube
21 IND Darley Arabian Million (G3) Marinetti FAST COMPANY (IRE) 8-f YouTube
21 USA Megahertz Stakes (G3) Vasilika SKIPSHOT (USA) 1-w YouTube
23 IND Indian Champagne Stakes (G3) Jaivant WIN LEGEND (JPN) 19-b YouTube
23 IND Indian Champion Cup (G1) Whomakestherules MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 3-c YouTube
24 QA Khor Al Adaid Cup (G3) Duke of Dundee DUKE OF MARMALADE (IRE) 3-g YouTube
24 UAE Al Rashidiya (G2) Dream Castle FRANKEL (GB) 2-e YouTube
24 UAE Al Fahidi Fort (G2) D’Bai DUBAWI (IRE) 1-n YouTube
25 IND Bangalore Winter Million (G3) Anjeze WIN LEGEND (JPN) 9-c YouTube
25 AUS Australia Stakes (G2) Whispering Brook HINCHINBROOK (AUS) 4-j
25 UAE Jebel Ali Mile (G3) Secret Ambition EXCEED AND EXCEL (AUS) 6-b
25 BHR Lexus Cup (Imported) (G3) Inclination ACCLAMATION (GB) 8-h YouTube
25 BHR Lexus Cup (Local Bred) (G3) YouTube
25 BRZ Grande Premio 25 de Janeiro (G2) Dalheconquistadora AGNES GOLD (JPN) 4-n YouTube
25 BRZ Grande Premio Piratininga (G3) Grand Cru FIRST AMERICAN (USA) 2-n
25 PAN Clasico Dario (Mexico) Arosemena y Ruth Delvalle de Arosemena (G2) Carlos L. HOLD ME BACK (USA) 2-i
26 NZ Mr Tiz Trophy (G3) King Louis EQUIANO (FR) 8-f
26 AUS Blue Diamond Preview (Fillies) (G3) Catch Me I AM INVINCIBLE (AUS) 9-c
26 NZ Concorde Handicap (G3) Ardrossan REDOUTE’S CHOICE (AUS) 2-e
26 NZ Westbury Classic (G2) Volpe Veloce FOXWEDGE (AUS) 14-b
26 JPN Aichi Hai (G3) One Breath Away STAY GOLD (JPN) 2-b
26 IND Bangalore Derby (G1) The Invader TOTAL GALLERY (IRE) 1-h YouTube
26 SAF Cape Flying Championship (G1) Kasimir CAPTAIN AL (SAF) 14-c
26 SAF Cape Derby (G1) Atyaab DUNDEEL (NZ) C36
26 SAF Majorca Stakes (G1) Clouds Unfold WHAT A WINTER (SAF) 16-b
26 SDA Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cup (G3) Jorvick MIZZEN MAST (USA) 9-f YouTube
26 SAF Sun Met (G1) Rainbow Bridge IDEAL WORLD (USA) 9
26 SAF Western Cape Stayers (G2) Magnificent Seven HORSE CHESTNUT (SAF) 3-o
26 USA Hurricane Bertie Stakes (G3) Dream Pauline TAPIT (USA) 1-n YouTube
26 USA La Prevoyante Stakes (G3) Si Que Es Buena EQUAL STRIPES (ARG) 16-g YouTube
26 USA Fred W. Hooper Stakes (G3) Aztec Sense STREET SENSE (USA) A4 YouTube
26 USA W. L. McKnight Stakes (G3) Zulu Alpha STREET CRY (IRE) 13-c YouTube
26 USA Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational (G1) Bricks and Mortar GIANTS CAUSEWAY (USA) 21-a YouTube
26 USA Pegasus World Cup Invitational (G1) City of Light QUALITY ROAD (USA) 2-e YouTube
26 DR Clasico Dia de Duarte (G2) Cadeau de Alcala CODASCO (USA) 13-b YouTube
27 JPN Silk Road Stakes (G3) Danon Smash LORD KANALOA (JPN) 4-r
27 JPN Negishi Stakes (G3) Copano Kicking SPRING AT LAST (USA) 23-a
27 HK Centenary Vase (G3) Exultant TEOFILO (IRE) 22-c YouTube
27 IND Golconda Derby (G1) Indian Pharaoh EXCELLENT ART (GB) 9-f YouTube
27 BRZ Grande Premio Escorial (G3) Fillmore WILD EVENT (USA) 13-c YouTube
27 USA John B. Connally Turf Cup (G3) Bigger Picture BADGE OF SILVER (USA) 20-b
27 USA Houston Ladies Classic (G3) Midnight Bisou MIDNIGHT LUTE (USA) 21
28 ARG Clasico General Francisco B.Bosch (G3) Misty Spring GREENSPRING (USA) 7-e YouTube
31 UAE Al Shindagha Sprint (G3) Drafted FIELD COMMISSION (CAN) 3-n YouTube

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