Results – Graded Stakes (January 2019)

Date Country Stakes Winner Sire F-No. Video
1 NZ Eclipse Stakes (G3) Whiskey Neat DENMAN (AUS) 2-s
1 NZ Great Northern Guineas (G2) Surely Sacred ROCK ‘N’ POP (AUS) 17
1 NZ Royal Stakes (G2) Imelda Mary FERLAX (NZ) 6-d
1 NZ Rich Hill Mile (G2) On The Rocks ALAMOSA (NZ) 9-h
1 NZ City of Auckland Cup (G3) Prince Jabeel SAVABEEL (AUS) 16-c
1 NZ Railway Stakes (G1) Santa Monica PER INCANTO (USA) 14-a
1 AUS Standish Handicap (G3) Whispering Brook HINCHINBROOK (AUS) 4-j
1 HK Chinese Club Challenge Cup (G3) Conte STARCRAFT (NZ) C6 YouTube
1 SIN New Year Cup (G3) Constant Justice MAGNUS (AUS) A5
1 IND South India Oaks (G1) New Creation MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 21-a YouTube
1 TRI Sian’s Gold Sprint (G3) Awesome April WILL TAKE CHARGE (USA) 22-b YouTube
1 PR Clasico Verset’s Jet (G3) She’s A Bullet BRETHREN (USA) 6-a YouTube
1 USA Joe Hernandez Stakes (G3) Caribou Club CITY ZIP (USA) 12-b
3 UAE Dubawi Stakes (G3) Raven’s Corner RAVEN’S PASS (USA) 3-d YouTube
3 UAE Singspiel Stakes (G3) Dream Castle FRANKEL (GB) 2-e YouTube
4 BHR Al Salam Bank Cup (G2) Baltic Knight BALTIC KING (GB) 11
4 BHR Aluminium Bahrain (Alba Cup) (G2) Shogun FASTNET ROCK (AUS) 14-c
4 SAF Sceptre Stakes (G2) Clouds Unfold WHAT A WINTER (SAF) 16-b
4 CHI Copa Jackson (G2) Ya Primo MASTERCRAFTSMAN (IRE) 20-a YouTube
5 JPN Nakayama Kimpai (G3) Win Bright STAY GOLD (JPN) 18
5 JPN Kyoto Kimpai (G3) Pax Americana KUROFUNE (USA) 12
5 MAC Winter Trophy (G2) Rose Gold Alloy DUTCH ART (GB) 7-a YouTube
5 AUS La Trice Classic (G3) Celebrity Dream THORN PARK (AUS) 14-b
5 AUS Perth Cup (G2) Star Exhibit STATUE OF LIBERTY (USA) 1-x
5 IND Bangalore Oaks (G2) Mea Culpa MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 6-d YouTube
5 IND New Year Cup (G3) Tutankhamun PHOENIX TOWER (USA) 8-c YouTube
5 SAF Politician Stakes (G3) Twist Of Fate MASTER OF MY FATE (SAF) 1-w
5 SAF Peninsula Handicap (G2) Doublemint TWICE OVER (GB) 9-f
5 SAF Paddock Stakes (G1) Oh Susanna STREET CRY (IRE) 9-e
5 SAF Queen’s Plate (G1) Do It Again TWICE OVER (GB) 3-o
5 SDA Prince Mohamed Ben Saud Alkabeer Cup (G2) Be Azn Allah ALNAJIM ALTHAKEB (SDA) 9-f YouTube
5 SAF Chairman’s Cup (G3) Gimme One Night GIMMETHEGREENLIGHT (AUS) 1-s
5 ARG Clasico Apertura (G3) American Song STRIPES SONG (ARG) 1-n YouTube
5 USA San Gabriel Stakes (G2) Next Shares ARCHARCHARCH (USA) 22-a YouTube
5 USA Sham Stakes (G3) Gunmetal Gray EXCHANGE RATE (USA) 20-a YouTube
5 DR Clasico Ano Nuevo (G2) Tango Dancer TANGO TALES (USA) 1-w YouTube
6 HK Bauhinia Sprint Trophy (G3) Jolly Banner LONHRO (AUS) 9-f YouTube
6 JPN Shinzan Kinen (G3) Val d’Isere LORD KANALOA (JPN) 8-f
6 SAF Three Troikas Stakes (G3) Storm Destiny DYNASTY (SAF) 7-b
6 SAF Tony Ruffel Stakes (G3) Hawwaam SILVANO (GER) 9
6 SAF London News Stakes (G3) Dawn Assault CALL TO COMBAT (SAF) 1-l
6 URU Gran Premio Maronas (G2) Holy Legal HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (IRE) 14-c YouTube
6 URU Gran Premio Pedro Pineyrua (G1) Fitzgerald PUT IT BACK (USA) 3-o YouTube
6 PR Clasico Dia de Reyes (G3) Esplendorosa HOCKENHEIM (USA) 1-h YouTube
6 PAN Clasico Ano Nuevo (G1) Trincheto JUMP START (USA) 18-a YouTube
6 URU Gran Premio Jose Pedro Ramirez (G1) First Thing FIRST AMERICAN (USA) 4-r YouTube
6 USA Santa Ynez Stakes (G2) Bellafina QUALITY ROAD (USA) 9 YouTube
6 URU Gran Premio Ciudad de Montevideo (G1) La Mansa Nistel VAN NISTELROOY (USA) 3-b YouTube
7 IND Golconda Oaks (G2) Bluebell PACO BOY (IRE) 1-l YouTube
9 HK January Cup (G3) Simply Brilliant FRANKEL (GB) 12-b YouTube
10 UAE Maktoum Challenge R1 (G2) North America DUBAWI (IRE) 9-f YouTube
11 BHR H.H.Sh.Mohamed Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup (G3) Evergate EXCEED AND EXCEL (AUS) 1-k
11 BHR H.H.Sh.Isa Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup (Local Bred) (G2) Milyar BLUE KSAR (FR) 9-e
11 BHR H.H.Sh.Isa Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Cup (Importde) (G2) Thorkhill Star EQUIANO (FR) 14-c
12 NZ Trentham Stakes (G3) Consensus POSTPONED (USA) 4-d
12 NZ Levin Classic (G1) Madison County PINS (AUS) 13-b
12 NZ Tui Anniversary Handicap (G3) Supera SAVABEEL (AUS) 16
12 JPN Fairy Stakes (G3) Figlia Pura HARBINGER (GB) 4-m
12 IND Ramniwas Ramnarain Ruia Gold Cup (G3) Star Superior EXCELLENT ART (GB) 14-b YouTube
12 SDA Ministry of Justice Cup (G3) Yajooz TAKE TURNS (USA) 17-b YouTube
12 USA Tropical Turf Stakes (G3) Doctor Mounty STREET SENSE (USA) 14-c YouTube
12 USA Marshua’s River Stakes (G3) Bellavais TAPIT (USA) 4-r YouTube
12 ARG Clasico Botafogo (G3) Hole in One HELIOSTATIC (IRE) 1-d YouTube
12 USA Las Cienegas Stakes (G3) Belvoir Bay EQUIANO (FR) 4-l YouTube
12 USA La Canada Stakes (G3) Escape Clause GOING COMMANDO (USA) 12-b YouTube
13 JPN Nikkei Shinshun Hai (G2) Glory Vase DEEP IMPACT (JPN) 9-f
13 MAL Perak Derby (G1) D’Great Timing GOOD JOURNEY (USA) 9-h YouTube
13 IND Calcutta Derby (G1) Adjudicate MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 23-b YouTube
13 ARG Clasico Buenos Aires (G3) El Consorte GRAND REWARD (USA) 3-h YouTube
13 PR Clasico Eugenio Maria de Hostos (G3) Prometida ALBERT THE GOLD (USA) 5-h YouTube
13 PER Clasico Ciudad de Lima (G2) Dixie Wave STORMY ATLANTIC (USA) 2-n YouTube
14 JPN Keisei Hai (G3) Last Draft NOVELLIST (IRE) 9-f
14 IND Byerly Turk Million (G3) Sitara ARAZAN (IRE) 4-m YouTube
15 IND South India Derby (G1) Psychic Force MULTIDIMENSIONAL (IRE) 14-c YouTube
15 ARG Clasico Lucio Taborda (G3) Grand Splendid GRAND REWARD (USA) 1-x YouTube
17 UAE Cape Verdi (G2)
18 IND Champions’ Sprint Trophy (G2)
18 SDA Prince Naif Ben Abdalaziz Cup (G2)
18 SDA Prince Bader bin Abdalaziz Cup (G2)
18 SDA Prince Sultan Ben Abdalaziz Cup (G2)
18 SDA King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Cup (G1)
18 BHR Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Cup (G2)

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