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2019 Results
2020 Results


Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20210101 Ellerslie Eclipse Stakes G3 2yo 1200T Imperatriz
20210101 Ellerslie Royal Stakes G2 3yof 2000T Needle And Thread
20210101 Ellerslie Auckland Guineas G2 3yo 1600T Rocket Spade
20210101 Ellerslie Rich Hill Mile G2 3up 1600T Showoroses
20210101 Ellerslie City of Auckland Cup G3 3up 2400T Savy Yong Blonk
20210101 Ellerslie Railway Stakes G1 3up 1200T Avantage
20210116 Trentham Anniversary Handicap G3 3up 1600T Super Strike
20210116 Trentham Levin Classic G1 3yo 1600T Bonham
20210116 Trentham Trentham Stakes G3 3up 2100T Our Hail Mary
20210116 Trentham Telegraph G1 3up 1200T Avantage
20210123 Ellerslie Almanzor Trophy G3 3yo 1200T Need I Say More
20210123 Ellerslie Westbury Classic G2 3upfm 1400T Levante
20210123 Ellerslie Concorde Handicap G3 3up 1200T Entriviere
20210130 Trentham Desert Gold Stakes G3 3yof 1600T Force Of Will
20210130 Trentham Thorndon Mile G1 3up 1600T Melody Belle
20210130 Trentham Wellington Cup G3 3up 3200T Waisake
20210206 New Plymouth Woburn Farm 2YO Classic G3 2yo 1200T Magneto
20210206 New Plymouth Taranaki Cup G3 3up 1800T Vernanme
20210206 Wingatui White Robe Lodge G3 3up 1600T Belle Fascino
20210213 Te Rapa Waikato Guineas G2 3yo 2000T Tokorangi
20210213 Te Rapa BCD Group Sprint (Waikato Sprint) G1 3up 1400T Avantage
20210213 Te Rapa David & Karyn Ellis Classic G2 3yof 2000T Amarelinha
20210213 Te Rapa Herbie Dyke Stakes G1 3up 2000T Royal Performer
20210220 Ellerslie Avondale Guineas G2 3yo 2100T Rocket Spade
20210220 Ellerslie Avondale Cup G2 3up 2400T Robusto
20210227 Matamata Waikato Stud Slipper G3 2yocg 1200T Sword Of State
20210227 Matamata Matamata Breeders’ Stakes G2 2yof 1200T Bonny Lass
20210227 Otaki Weight for Age Classic G1 3up 1600T Avantage
20210303 Hastings Lowland Stakes G2 3yof 2100T Llanacord
20210306 Ellerslie King’s Plate G3 3up 1200T Entriviere
20210306 Ellerslie Sunline Vase G3 3yof 2100T Amarelinha
20210306 Ellerslie New Zealand Derby G1 3yo 2400T Rocket Spade
20210313 Ellerslie Sistema Stakes G1 2yo 1200T Sword Of State
20210313 Ellerslie Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes G1 3up 2000T Melody Belle
20210313 Ellerslie Auckland Cup G1 3up 3200T Ocean Billy
20210320 Trentham Cuddle Stakes G3 3upfm 1600T Coventina Bay
20210320 Trentham Wellington Guineas G2 3yo 1400T Need I Say More
20210320 Trentham New Zealand Oaks G1 3yof 2400T Amarelinha
20210327 Tauranga Japan Trophy G2 3up 1600T Packing Rockstar
20210327 Riccarton Park South Island Thoroughbred Breeders’ Stakes G3 3upfm 1600T Belle Fascino
20210403 Awapuni Manawatu Classic G3 3yo 2000T Joy Alone
20210403 Awapuni Manawatu Sires’ Produce Stakes G1 2yo 1400T On The Bubbles
20210403 Awapuni Awapuni Gold Cup G2 3up 2000T Beauden
20210409 Awapuni Manawatu Breeders’ Stakes G3 3upfm 2000T Savy Yong Blonk
20210417 Te Rapa New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T Avantage
20210424 Riccarton Park Canterbury Gold Cup G3 3up 2000T Beauden
20210424 Ellerslie Championship Stakes G2 3yo 2100T Hezashocka
20210424 Ellerslie Easter Handicap G2 3up 1600T Demonetization
20210501 Te Rapa Cambridge Breeders’ Stakes G3 3yo 1200T Babylon Berlin
20210501 Te Rapa Travis Stakes G2 3upfm 2000T Pierina
20210515 Arawa Park Rotorua Cup G3 3up 2200T The Good Fight
20210515 Arawa Park Rotorua Stakes G3 3upfm 1400T Pop Star Princess
2021-2022 Season
20210807 Riccarton Park Winter Cup G3 3up 1600T Ritani
20210904 Te Rapa Northland Breeders’ Stakes G3 3yo 1200T Imperatriz
20210904 Te Rapa Foxbridge Plate G2 3up 1200T Mascarpone
20210911 Hastings Gold Trail Stakes G3 3yof 1200T Bellacontte
20210911 Hastings Tarzino Trophy G1 3up 1400T Callsign Mav
20210925 Awapuni Metric mile (Boehringer Ingelheim Handicap) G3 3up 1600T


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