Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20190223 Lingfield Winter Derby Stakes G3 4up 10AW Wissahickon
20190413 Newbury John Porter Stakes G3 4up a12T Marmelo
20190413 Newbury Fred Darling Stakes G3 3yof 7T Dandhu
20190413 Newbury Greenham Stakes G3 3yocg 7T Mohaather
20190416 Newmarket Nell Gwyn Stakes G3 3yof 7T Qabala
20190417 Newmarket Abernant Stakes G3 3up 6T Keystroke
20190417 Newmarket Craven Stakes G3 3yocg 8T Skardu
20190418 Newmarket Earl of Sefton Stakes G3 4up 9T Zabeel Prince
20190426 Sandown Gordon Richards Stakes G3 4up a10T Crystal Ocean
20190426 Sandown Classic Trial G3 3yo a10T Bangkok
20190426 Sandown Sandown Mile G2 4up a8T Beat The Bank
20190501 Ascot Sagaro Stakes G3 4up 16T Dee Ex Bee
20190501 Ascot Pavilion Stakes G3 3yo 6T Calyx
20190504 Newmarket Palace House Stakes G3 3up 5T Mabs Cross
20190504 Newmarket Jockey Club Stakes G2 4up 12T Communique
20190504 Newmarket 2000 Guineas Stakes G1 3yocf 8T Magna Grecia
20190505 Newmarket Dahlia Stakes G2 4upfm 9T Worth Waiting
20190505 Newmarket 1000 Guineas Stakes G1 3yof 8T Hermosa
20190508 Chester Chester Vase G3 3yocg a12T Sir Dragonet
20190509 Chester Ormonde Stakes G3 4up a13T Morando
20190510 Chester Huxley Stakes G2 4up a10T Forest Ranger
20190511 Lingfield Chartwell Fillies’ Stakes G3 3upfm 7T Pretty Baby
20190515 York Duke of York Stakes G2 3up 6T Invincible Army
20190515 York Musidora Stakes G3 3yof a10T Nausha
20190516 York Middleton Fillies’ Stakes G2 4upfm a10T Lah Ti Dar
20190516 York Dante Stakes G2 3yo a10T Telecaster
20190517 York Yorkshire Cup G2 4up 14T Stradivarius
20190518 Newbury Aston Park Stakes G3 4up a12T Crystal Ocean
20190518 Newbury Lockinge Stakes G1 4up 8T Mustashry
20190523 Sandown Henry II Stakes G3 4up a16T Dee Ex Bee
20190523 Sandown Brigadier Gerard Stakes G3 4up a10T Regal Reality
20190525 York Bronte Cup Fillies’ Stakes G3 4upfm 14T Dramatic Queen
20190525 Haydock Sandy Lane Stakes G2 3yo 6T Hello Youmzai
20190525 Haydock Temple Stakes G2 3up 5T Battaash
20190531 Epsom Coronation Cup G1 4up a12T Defoe
20190531 Epsom Epsom Oaks G1 3yof a12T Anapurna
20190601 Epsom Princess Elizabeth Stakes G3 3upfm a8.5T Anna Nerium
20190601 Epsom Diomed Stakes G3 3up a8.5T Zaaki
20190601 Epsom Epsom Derby G1 3yocf a12T Anthony Van Dyck
20190608 Haydock Pinnacle Stakes G3 4upfm a12T Klassique
20190608 Haydock John of Gaunt Stakes G3 4up a7T Safe Voyage
20190618 Ascot Queen Anne Stakes G1 4up 8T Lord Glitters
20190618 Ascot Coventry Stakes G2 2yo 6T Arizona
20190618 Ascot King’s Stand Stakes G1 3up 5T Blue Point
20190618 Ascot St. James’s Palace Stakes G1 3yoc 8T Circus Maximus
20190619 Ascot Queen Mary Stakes G2 2yof 5T Raffle Prize
20190619 Ascot Queen’s Vase G2 3yo a14T Dashing Willoughby
20190619 Ascot Prince of Wales’s Stakes G1 4up 10T Crystal Ocean
20190619 Ascot Duke of Cambridge Stakes G2 4upfm 8T Move Swiftly
20190620 Ascot Norfolk Stakes G2 2yo 5T A’Ali
20190620 Ascot Hampton Court Stakes G3 3yo 10T Sangarius
20190620 Ascot Ribblesdale Stakes G2 3yof 12T Star Catcher
20190620 Ascot Gold Cup G1 4up 20T Stradivarius
20190621 Ascot Albany Stakes G3 2yof 6T Daahyeh
20190621 Ascot King Edward VII Stakes G2 3yocg 12T Japan
20190621 Ascot Commonwealth Cup G1 3yo 6T Advertise
20190621 Ascot Coronation Stakes G1 3yof 8T Watch Me
20190622 Ascot Jersey Stakes G3 3yo 7T Space Traveller
20190622 Ascot Hardwicke Stakes G2 4up 12T Defoe
20190622 Ascot Diamond Jubilee Stakes G1 4up 6T Blue Point
20190628 Newcastle Hoppings Fillies’ Stakes G3 3upfm a10AW Sun Maiden
20190629 Newcastle Chipchase Stakes G3 3up 6AW Invincible Army
20190629 Newmarket Criterion Stakes G3 3up 7T Limato
20190706 Sandown Sprint Stakes G3 3up a5T Kurious
20190706 Sandown Eclipse Stakes G1 3up a10T Enable
20190706 Haydock Lancashire Oaks G2 3upfm a12T Enbihaar
20190711 Newmarket Bahrain Trophy G3 3yo a13T Spanish Mission
20190711 Newmarket July Stakes G2 2yocg 6T Royal Lytham
20190711 Newmarket Princess of Wales’s Stakes G2 3up 12T Communique
20190712 Newmarket Duchess of Cambridge Stakes G2 2yof 6T Raffle Prize
20190712 Newmarket Falmouth Stakes G1 3upfm 8T Veracious
20190712 York Summer Stakes G3 3upfm 6T Royal Intervention
20190713 Newmarket Superlative Stakes G2 2yo 7T Mystery Power
20190713 Newmarket July Cup G1 3up 6T Ten Sovereigns
20190713 Ascot Summer Mile Stakes G2 4up 8T Beat The Bank
20190713 York Silver Cup Stakes G3 4up 14T Red Verdon
20190720 Newbury Hackwood Stakes G3 3up 6T Waldpfad
20190727 Ascot Princess Margaret Stakes G3 2yof 6T Under The Stars
20190727 Ascot King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes G1 3up 12T Enable
20190727 York York Stakes G2 3up a10T Elarqam
20190730 Goodwood Vintage Stakes G2 2yo 7T Pinatubo
20190730 Goodwood Lennox Stakes G2 3up 7T Sir Dancealot
20190730 Goodwood Goodwood Cup G1 3up 16T Stradivarius
20190731 Goodwood Molecomb Stakes G3 2yo 5T Liberty Beach
20190731 Goodwood Sussex Stakes G1 3up 8T Too Darn Hot
20190801 Goodwood Richmond Stakes G2 2yocg 6T Golden Horde
20190801 Goodwood Gordon Stakes G3 3yo 12T Nayef Road
20190801 Goodwood Nassau Stakes G1 3upfm a10T Deirdre
20190802 Goodwood Oak Tree Stakes G3 3upfm 7T Billesdon Brook
20190802 Goodwood Thoroughbred Stakes G3 3yo 8T Duke of Hazzard
20190802 Goodwood King George Stakes G2 3up 5T Battaash
20190802 Goodwood Glorious Stakes G3 4up 12T Desert Encounter
20190803 Goodwood Lillie Langtry Stakes G2 3upfm 14T Enbihaar
20190810 Haydock Rose of Lancaster Stakes G3 3up a10.5T Addeybb
20190810 Newmarket Sweet Solera Stakes G3 2yof 7T West End Girl
20190815 Salisbury Sovereign Stakes G3 3upcg 8T Kick On
20190817 Newbury Geoffrey Freer Stakes G3 3up a13T Technician
20190817 Newbury Hungerford Stakes G2 3up 7T Glorious Journey
20190821 York Acomb Stakes G3 2yo 7T Valdermoro
20190821 York Great Voltigeur Stakes G2 3yocg 12T Logician
20190821 York International Stakes G1 3up a10T Japan
20190822 York Lowther Stakes G2 2yof 6T Living In The Past
20190822 York Yorkshire Oaks G1 3upfm a12T Enable
20190823 York Lonsdale Cup G2 3up a16T Stradivarius
20190823 York Gimcrack Stakes G2 2yocg 6T Threat
20190823 York Nunthorpe Stakes G1 2up 5T Battaash
20190824 York Strensall Stakes G3 3up a9T Zaaki
20190824 York City of York Stakes G2 3up 7T Shine So Bright
20190824 Goodwood Celebration Mile G2 3up 8T Duke of Hazzard
20190824 Goodwood Prestige Stakes G3 2yof 7T Boomer
20190824 Goodwood March Stakes G3 3yo 14T Sir Ron Priestley
20190824 Windsor Winter Hill Stakes G3 3up a10T Desert Encounter
20190825 Goodwood Supreme Stakes G3 3up 7T Suedois
20190831 Sandown Atalanta Stakes G3 3upfm a8T Lavender’s Blue
20190831 Sandown Solario Stakes G3 2yo a7T Positive
20190905 Salisbury Dick Poole Fillies’ Stakes G3 2yof 6T Dark Lady
20190907 Haydock Superior Mile G3 3up a8T Great Scot
20190907 Haydock Sprint Cup G1 3up 6T Hello Youmzain
20190907 Kempton September Stakes G3 3up 12AW Royal Line
20190907 Kempton Sirenia Stakes G3 2yo 6AW Streamline
20190912 Doncaster Park Hill Stakes G2 3upfm a14.5T Enbihaar
20190912 Doncaster May Hill Stakes G2 2yof 8T Powerful Breeze
20190913 Doncaster Sceptre Stakes G3 3upfm 7T Breathtaking Look
20190913 Doncaster Doncaster Cup G2 3up 18T Stradivarius
20190913 Doncaster Flying Childers Stakes G2 2yo 5T A’Ali
20190914 Doncaster Park Stakes G2 3up 7T Sir Dancealot
20190914 Doncaster Champagne Stakes G2 2yocg 7T Threat
20190914 Doncaster St. Leger Stakes G1 3yocf a14.5T Logician
20190921 Newbury World Trophy G3 3up a5T Maid In India
20190921 Newbury Legacy Cup Stakes G3 3up a11T Desert Encounter
20190921 Newbury Mill Reef Stakes G2 2yo a6T Pierre Lapin
20190921 Ayr Firth of Clyde Stakes G3 2yof 6T Rose of Kildare
20190926 Newmarket Somerville Tattersall Stakes G3 2yocg 7T Wichita
20190927 Newmarket Princess Royal Stakes G3 3upfm 12T Spirit of Appin
20190927 Newmarket Rockfel Stakes G2 2yof 7T Daahyeh
20190927 Newmarket Joel Stakes G2 3up 8T Benbatl
20190928 Newmarket Royal Lodge Stakes G2 2yocg 8T Royal Dornoch
20190928 Newmarket Cheveley Park Stakes G1 2yof 6T Millisle
20190928 Newmarket Middle Park Stakes G1 2yoc 6T Earthlight
20191005 Ascot Cumberland Lodge Stakes G3 3up 12T Morando
20191005 Ascot Bengough Stakes G3 3up 6T Cape Byron
20191005 Newmarket Sun Chariot Stakes G1 3upfm 8T Billesdon Brook
20191011 Newmarket Cornwallis Stakes G3 2yo 5T Good Vibes
20191011 Newmarket Oh So Sharp Stakes G3 2yof 7T Rose of Kildare
20191011 Newmarket Challenge Stakes G2 3up 7T Mustashry
20191011 Newmarket Fillies’ Mile G1 2yof 8T Quadrilateral
20191011 Newmarket Pride stakes G3 3upfm 10T Fanny Logan
20191012 Newmarket Zetland Stakes G3 2yo 10T Max Vega
20191012 Newmarket Autumn Stakes G3 2yo 8T Military March
20191012 Newmarket Dewhurst Stakes G1 2yocf 7T Pinatubo
20191012 Newmarket Darley Stakes G3 3up 9T Feliciana de Vega
20191019 Ascot British Champions Sprint Stakes G1 3up 6T Donjuan Triumphant
20191019 Ascot British Champions Long Distance Cup G2 3up 16T Kew Gardens
20191019 Ascot British Champions Fillies & Mares Stakes G1 3upfm 12T Star Catcher
20191019 Ascot Queen Elizabeth II Stakes G1 3up 8T King of Change
20191019 Ascot Champion Stakes G1 3up 10T Magical
20191101 Newcastle Futurity Trophy Stakes G1 2yocf a8AW Kameko
20191102 Newmarket Horris Hill Stakes G3 2yocg 7T Kenzai Warrior


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