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Graded Stakes Races Schedule 2019

Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20190101 Santa Rosa Sian’s Gold Sprint *G3 3up 1100T Awesome April
20190202 Santa Rosa Royal Colours Classic *G3 3yo 1350D Making Headlines
20190329 Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Dash *G3 3up 1200D Pauseforacoors
20190422 Santa Rosa Chief Commander Classic *G3 3yo 1600T Riverine
20190422 Santa Rosa Champagne Stakes *G3 3up 1600T Awesome April
20190530 Santa Rosa Guineas *G1 3yo 1800D Regal Intension
20190619 Santa Rosa President’s Cup *G3 3up 1900D General JN
20190629 Santa Rosa Oaks Stakes *G2 3yof 1800D She’s So Spectacular
20190801 Santa Rosa Midsummer Classic *G1 3yo 1900D Juice Man
20190831 Santa Rosa T & T Breeders Classic *G2 3yo 1800D Making Headlines
20190831 Santa Rosa Independence Cup *G1 3up 1800T Root of Jesse
20190924 Santa Rosa Diamond Stakes *G3 2up 1100T General JN
20190924 Santa Rosa Trinidad Derby Stakes *G1 3yo 2000D Juice Man
20191026 Santa Rosa Caribbean Champion Stakes *G2 3up 1800D Apocalypse
20191130 Santa Rosa Stewards Cup *G1 2up 1200D Early Bird
20191226 Santa Rosa St.Ann’s Stakes *G2 2yof 1350D Bella Riva
20191226 Santa Rosa St.James Stakes *G2 2yocg 1350D Airforce Won
20191226 Santa Rosa Gold Cup *G1 2up 2000D Master Of War


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