Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20210619 Woodbine Whimsical Stakes G3 4upfm 6AW Boardroom
20210620 Woodbine Jacques Cartier Stakes G3 4up 6AW Souper Stonehenge
20210626 Woodbine Trillium Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5AW Souper Escape
20210701 Woodbine Dominion Day Stakes G3 4up 8.5AW Mighty Heart
20210710 Woodbine Selene Stakes G3 3yof 8.5AW Our Flash Drive
20210711 Woodbine Marine Stakes G3 3yo 8.5AW Easy Time
20210718 Woodbine Connaught Cup G2 4up 7T Avie’s Flatter
20210724 Woodbine Nassau Stakes G2 4upfm 8T Jolie Olimpica
20210801 Woodbine Vigil Stakes G3 4up 6AW Souper Stonehenge
20210801 Woodbine Woodbine Oaks 3yof 9AW Munnyfor Ro
20210801 Woodbine Royal North Stakes G2 4upfm 6T Amalfi Coast
20210815 Woodbine King Edward Stakes G2 3up 8T Olympic Runner
20210821 Woodbine Singspiel Stakes G3 3upfm 10T Corelli
20210821 Woodbine Seaway Stakes G3 4upfm 7AW Boardroom
20210822 Woodbine Ontario Colleen Stakes G3 3yof 8T Our Flash Drive
20210822 Woodbine Dance Smartly Stakes G2 3upfm 10T Mutamakina
20210822 Woodbine Queen’s Plate 3yo 10AW Safe Conduct
20210822 Woodbine Highlander Stakes G1 3up 6T Silent Poet
20210828 Woodbine Bison City Stakes 3yof 8.5AW Il Malocchio
20210911 Century Mile Canadian Derby G3 3yo 10D Uncharacteristic
20210911 Woodbine Seagram Cup Stakes G3 3up 8.5AW Tap It to Win
20210914 Fort Erie Prince of Wales Stakes 3yo 9.5D Haddassah
20210918 Woodbine Canadian Stakes G2 3upfm 9T La Dragontea
20210918 Woodbine Canadian International G1 3up 12T Walton Street
20210918 Woodbine Woodbine Mile G1 3up 8T Town Cruise
20210919 Woodbine Natalma Stakes G1 2yof 8T Wild Beauty
20210919 Woodbine Summer Stakes G1 2yo 8T Albahr
20210925 Woodbine Bold Venture Stakes G3 4up 6.5AW Pink Lloyd
20211002 Woodbine Wonder Where Stakes 3yof 10T Munnyfor Ro
20211003 Woodbine Breeders’ Stakes 3yo 12T British Royalty
20211003 Woodbine Ontario Fashion Stakes G3 3upfm 6AW Amalfi Coast
20211010 Woodbine Durham Cup G3 3up 8.5AW Special Forces
20211010 Woodbine Ontario Matron Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5AW Art of Almost
20211017 Woodbine E. P. Taylor Stakes G1 3upfm 10T Mutamakina
20211017 Woodbine Nearctic Stakes G2 3up 6T Avie’s Flatter
20211023 Woodbine Hendrie Stakes G3 4upfm 6.5AW Our Secret Agent
20211031 Woodbine Ontario Derby G3 3yo 9AW Frosted Over
20211113 Woodbine Maple Leaf Stakes G3 3upfm 10AW Skygaze
20211113 Woodbine Bessarabian Stakes G2 3upfm 7AW Lady Speightspeare
20211114 Woodbine Autumn Stakes G2 3up 8.5AW Mighty Heart
20211127 Woodbine Kennedy Road Stakes G2 3up 6AW Pink Lloyd
20211128 Woodbine Mazarine Stakes G3 2yof 8.5AW Mrs. Barbara
20211128 Woodbine Grey Stakes G3 2yo 8.5AW God of Love
20211205 Woodbine Valedictory Stakes G3 3up 12AW Sir Winston


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