Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20200104 Turffontein Three Troikas Stakes G3 3yof 1400T Mount Laurel
20200104 Turffontein Tony Ruffel Stakes G3 3yo 1400T Ikigai
20200104 Turffontein London News Stakes G3 3up 1800T Jet Start
20200110 Kenilworth Sceptre Stakes G2 3upfm 1200T Celtic Sea
20200111 Kenilworth Peninsula Handicap G2 3up 1800T Belgarion
20200111 Kenilworth Paddock Stakes G1 3upfm 1800T Queen Supreme
20200111 Kenilworth Queen’s Plate G1 3up 1600T Vardy
20200111 Kenilworth Chairman’s Cup G3 3up 3200T Doublemint
20200125 Turffontein Sea Cottage Stakes G3 3yo 1800T Green Laser
20200201 Kenilworth Politician Stakes G3 3yo 1800T Silver Host
20200201 Kenilworth Cape Flying Championship G1 3up 1000T Russet Air
20200201 Kenilworth Majorca Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T Clouds Unfold
20200201 Kenilworth Sun Met G1 3up 2000T One World
20200201 Kenilworth Western Cape Stayers G2 3up 2800T Snapscan
20200212 Turffontein Tommy Hotspur Handicap G3 3up 1000T Mr Flood
20200212 Turffontein Gauteng Fillies Guineas G2 3yof 1600T Summer Pudding
20200212 Turffontein Gauteng Guineas G2 3yo 1600T Ikigai
20200222 Kenilworth Cape of Good Hope Nursery G3 2yo 1200T Erik The Red
20200222 Kenilworth Kenilworth Fillies Nursery G3 2yof 1200T Delta Queen
20200222 Kenilworth Prix Du Cap G3 3upfm 1400T Pretty Young Thing
20200222 Kenilworth Diadem Stakes G2 3up 1200T Kasimir
20200222 Kenilworth Cape Derby G1 3yo 2000T Golden Ducat
20200307 Turffontein Acacia Handicap G3 3upfm 1600T Lady Of Steel
20200307 Turffontein Hawaii Stakes G2 3up 1400T Cirillo
20200307 Turffontein SA Fillies Classic G1 3yo 1800T Summer Pudding
20200307 Turffontein SA Classic G1 3yo 1800T Got The Greenlight
20200314 Turffontein Senor Santa Stakes G2 3up 1160T Mighty High
20200606 Turffontein SA Oaks G1 3yof 2450T Summer Pudding
20200606 Turffontein H. F. Oppenheimer Horse Chestnut Stakes G1 3up 1600T Hawwaam
20200606 Turffontein SA Derby G1 3yo 2450T Out Of Your League
20200607 Greyville Drill Hall Stakes G2 3up 1400T Bunker Hunt
20200607 Greyville WSB Fillies Guineas G2 3yof 1600T Missisippi Burning
20200607 Greyville WSB Guineas G2 3yo 1600T Wild Coast
20200609 Kenilworth Variety Club Mile G3 3yo 1600T Katak
20200613 Scottsville Strelitzia Stakes G3 2yof 1100T Vernichey
20200613 Scottsville Godolphin Barb Stakes G3 2yo 1100T Tempting Fate
20200613 Scottsville Poinsettia Stakes G3 3upfm 1200T Pretty Young Thing
20200613 Scottsville Post Merchants G2 3up 1200T Eden Roc
20200620 Greyville Lonsdale Stirrup Cup G3 3up 2400T Marchingontogether
20200620 Greyville World Sports Betting 1900 G2 3up 1900T Belgarion
20200627 Turffontein SA Fillies Nursery G2 2yof 1160T Springs Of Carmel
20200627 Turffontein SA Nursery G2 2yo 1160T Mount Pleasant
20200627 Turffontein Empress Club Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T Ronnie’s Candy
20200627 Turffontein Computaform Sprint G1 3up 1000T Rivarine
20200627 Turffontein Premier’s Champions Challenge G1 3yp 2000T Hawwaam
20200627 Turffontein Camellia Stakes G2 3upfm 1160T Golden Belle
20200627 Turffontein Gold Bowl G3 3up 3200T Imperial Ruby
20200628 Greyville Tibouchina Stakes G2 3upfm 1400T Silvano’s Pride
20200628 Greyville Gold Challenge G1 3up 1600T Rainbow Bridge
20200628 Greyville Woolavington 2000 G1 3yof 2000T Summer Pudding
20200628 Greyville Daily News 2000 G1 3yo 2000T Got The Greenlight
20200704 Scottsville Cup Trial G3 3up 1800T Capoeira
20200704 Scottsville Allan Robertson Championship G1 2yof 1200T Vernichey
20200704 Scottsville Golden Horse Medallion G1 2yo 1200T Tempting Fate
20200704 Scottsville South African Fillies Sprint G1 3upfm 1200T Celtic Sea
20200704 Scottsville Golden Horse Sprint G1 3up 1200T Warrior’s Rest
20200705 Turffontein Jubilee Handicap G3 3up 1800T Divine Odyssey
20200707 Kenilworth Legal Eagle Stakes G3 3yo 1800T Katak
20200711 Scottsville Track and Ball Derby G3 3up 2400T Marchingontogether
20200719 Greyville Track and Ball Oaks G3 3upfm 2400T Moon In June
20200725 Greyville Campanajo 2200 G3 3up 2200T Sovereign Spirit
20200725 Greyville Gold Vase G3 3up 3000T Dynasty’s Blossom
20200725 Greyville Golden Slipper G2 2yof 1400T Love Bomb
20200725 Greyville Golden Horseshoe G2 2yo 1400T Nourbese
20200725 Greyville Durban July G1 3up 2200T Belgarion
20200725 Greyville Garden Province Stakes G1 3upfm 1600T Temple Grafin
20200726 Kenilworth Langerman G3 2yo 1500T Jet Dark
20200726 Kenilworth Pocket Power Stakes G3 3yo 2400T Katak
20200726 Kenilworth Final Fling Stakes G3 3upfm 1800T Star Fighter
20200726 Kenilworth Champagne Stakes G3 3upfm 1200T World Radar
2019-2020 Season
20200829 Greyville The Debutante G3 2yof 1200T Ecstatic Green
20200829 Greyville Umkhomazi Stakes G2 2yo 1200T Erik The Red
20200829 Greyville Thekwini Stakes G1 2yof 1600T Anything Goes
20200829 Greyville Premier’s Champion Stakes G1 2yo 1600T Sentbydestiny
20200829 Greyville World Sports Betting Gold Cup G3 3up 3200T Paths Of Victory
20200829 Greyville Mercury Sprint G1 3up 1200T Van Halen
20200829 Greyville Champions Cup G1 3up 1800T Golden Ducat
20200829 Greyville Gold Bracelet G2 3upfm 2000T Running Brave
20201003 Turffontein Joburg Spring Fillies & Mares Challenge G2 3upfm 1450T Anything Goes
20201003 Turffontein Joburg Spring Challenge G2 3up 1450T Mount Pleasant
20201003 Durbanville Diana Stakes G3 3/4yof 1400T Captain’s Ransom
20201003 Durbanville Matchem Stakes G3 3/4yo 1400T Kasimir
20201024 Kenilworth Cape Classic G3 3yo 1400T Seeking The Stars
20201024 Kenilworth Western Cape Fillies Championship G2 3yof 1400T Princess Calla
20201031 Turffontein Starling Stakes G3 3yof 1400T Due Diligence
20201031 Turffontein Graham Beck Stakes G3 3yo 1400T Malmoos
20201031 Turffontein Charity Mile G2 3up 1600T Hudoo Magic
20201031 Turffontein Yellowwood Handicap G3 3upfm 1800T Saragon
20201114 Turffontein Victory Moon Stakes G3 3up 1800T Christopher Robin
20201121 Kenilworth Concorde Cup G2 3yo 1600T Malmoos
20201121 Kenilworth Cape Merchants G2 3up 1200T Erik The Red
20201121 Turffontein Fillies Mile G3 3yof 1600T Gee For Go
20201128 Turffontein Magnolia Handicap G3 3upfm 1160T Winter Smoke
20201128 Turffontein The Merchants G2 3up 1160T Ultra Magnus
20201128 Turffontein Dingaans G2 3yo 1600T Catch Twentytwo
20201128 Turffontein Summer Cup G1 3up 2000T Summer Pudding
20201128 Turffontein Ipi Tombe Challenge G2 3upfm 1600T War Of Athena
20201212 Kenilworth Southern Cross Stakes G2 3upfm 1000T Celtic Sea
20201212 Kenilworth Cape Summer Stayers’ Handicap G3 3up 2500T Crome Yellow
20201212 Kenilworth Green Point Stakes G2 3up 1600T Belgarion
20201212 Kenilworth Cape Fillies Guineas G1 3yof 1600T Captain’s Ransom
20201219 Kenilworth Victress Stakes G3 3upfm 1600T Silvano’s Pride
20201219 Kenilworth Peninsula Handicap G2 3up 1800T Nexus
20201219 Kenilworth Cape Guineas G1 3yo 1600T Russian Rock
20201226 Greyville Flamboyant Stakes G3 3upfm 1600T Indi Anna
20201227 Turffontein Lebelo Sprint G3 3up 1000T Mombela


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