Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20190101 Chennai South India Oaks *G1 4yof 2400T New Creation
20190105 Bangalore Bangalore Oaks *G2 4yof 2400T Mea Culpa
20190105 Bangalore New Year Cup *G3 4up 1400T Tutankhamun
20190107 Hyderabad Golconda Oaks *G2 4yof 2400T Bluebell
20190112 Mumbai Ramniwas Ramnarain Ruia Gold Cup *G3 4yo 2000T Star Superior
20190113 Kolkata Calcutta Derby *G1 4yo 2400T Adjudicate
20190114 Hyderabad Byerly Turk Million *G3 3yof 1200T Sitara
20190115 Chennai South India Derby *G1 4yo 2400T Psychic Force
20190118 Kolkata Calcutta Champions’ Sprint Trophy *G3 4up 1200T Multitude
20190120 Mumbai Poonawalla Million *G3 3yo 1200T Free Gold
20190120 Mumbai Indian Oaks *G1 4yof 2400T Roberta
20190121 Hyderabad Darley Arabian Million *G3 3yo 1200T Marinetti
20190123 Kolkata Indian Champagne Stakes *G3 3yo 1400T Jaivant
20190123 Kolkata Indian Champion Cup *G1 4up 2000T Whomakestherules
20190125 Bangalore Bangalore Winter Million *G3 3yo 1200T Anjeze
20190126 Bangalore Bangalore Derby *G1 4yo 2400T The Invader
20190127 Hyderabad Golconda Derby *G1 4yo 2400T Indian Pharaoh
20190202 Hyderabad Kakatiya Million *G3 4up 1200T Corfe Castle
20190203 Mumbai Rusi Patel Gold Trophy *G3 4up 1600T New England
20190203 Mumbai Breeders’ Produce Stakes *G3 3yo 1400T Hunt for Gold
20190203 Mumbai Eclipse Stakes of India *G2 4up 2000T Smasher
20190203 Mumbai Indian Derby *G1 4yo 2400T Star Superior
20190209 Kolkata Calcutta Million *G2 3yo 1600T Jaivant
20190209 Kolkata Queen Elizabeth II Cup *G3 4up 2800T Shivansh
20190209 Bangalore Sprinters’ Trial Stakes *G3 4up 1200T Mauritania
20190210 Mumbai Sprinters’ Championship *G2 4up 1200T Captain Courage
20190211 Hyderabad Godolphin Barb Million *G3 3yo 1400T Tetra Rama
20190216 Chennai South India St.Leger *G2 4up 2800T My Opinion
20190218 Hyderabad Alcock Arabian Million *G3 3yo 1400T Blazer
20190221 Chennai Madras Gold Vase *G3 3yo 1400T King T’chala
20190222 Bangalore Bangalore Juvenile Million *G3 3yo 1400T War Hammer
20190224 Mumbai Breeders’ Multi Million *G1 3yo 1400T Missing You
20190226 Delhi North India Derby *G3 4yo 1600T Sky Dancer
20190302 Hyderabad Sprinters’ Cup *G1 4up 1200T Ruffina
20190302 Hyderabad Stayers’ Cup *G1 4up 3000T Sacred Roman
20190303 Hyderabad Suresh Mahindra Multi-Million Trophy *G2 4up 1400T Mauritania
20190303 Hyderabad Super Mile Cup *G1 4up 1600T Serjeant At Arms
20190303 Hyderabad Indian Turf Invitation Cup *G1 4up 2400T Adjudicate
20190309 Kolkata Calcutta St. Leger *G3 4yo 2800T Shivansh
20190310 Chennai Guindy Grand Prix *G3 3yo 1600T Royal Currency
20190310 Mumbai C.N.Wadia Gold Cup *G2 4up 2400T Caprisca
20190317 Mumbai Breeders’ Juvenile Fillies’ Championship *G3 3yof 1600T Kariega
20190317 Mumbai Breeders’ Juvenile Colts’ Championship *G3 3yocg 1600T Trouvaille
20190407 Mumbai Maharaja Sir Harisinghji Trophy *G2 4up 1600T Serjeant at Arms
20190421 Ooty Nilgiris 1000 Guineas *G3 3yof 1400T Cape Kidnappers
20190428 Ooty Nilgiris 2000 Guineas *G2 3yo 1400T Castilian
20190512 Ooty Nilgiris Derby *G1 3yo 1600T Royal Currency
20190526 Bangalore Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Cup *G3 4up 1400T Tutankhamun
20190602 Bangalore Karnataka Juvenile Million *G2 3yo 1400T War Hammer
20190623 Bangalore Fillies’ Championship Stakes *G1 3yof 1600T Well Connected
20190629 Bangalore Chief Justice’s Cup *G3 4up 1800T Adjudicate
20190630 Bangalore Colts’ Championship Stakes *G1 3yocg 1600T War Hammer
20190706 Bangalore Juvenile Sprinters’ Million *G3 3yo 1200T Storm Breaker
20190707 Bangalore Chief Minister’s Cup *G3 4up 1200T Cavallo Veloce
20190714 Bangalore Maharaja’s Gold Cup *G2 4up 2200T Star Superior
20190721 Bangalore BTC Anniversary Cup *G2 4up 1400T Knotty Ash
20190721 Bangalore Derby Bangalore *G1 3yo 2000T Well Connected
20190728 Bangalore Bangalore St.Leger *G2 4up 2800T Desert God
20190801 Bangalore Bangalore City Sprint Championship Gold Cup *G3 3up 1200T Star Baron
20190802 Bangalore Karnataka Mile Championship Cup *G2 4up 1600T Big Sur
20190805 Hyderabad Golconda Juvenile Million *G3 3yo 1400T Agni
20190809 Bangalore Bangalore Summer Million *G3 3yo 1600T Northern Alliance
20190809 Bangalore Governor’s Cup *G3 4up 2400T Secretive Force
20190810 Pune Eve Champion Trophy *G3 4up 2000T Bushtops
20190811 Pune Turf Club Trophy *G3 4up 1400T Awesome One
20190812 Hyderabad Nizam’s Gold Cup *G2 4up 2000T Star Superior
20190824 Pune F. D. Wadia Trophy *G3 3yo 1400T Golden Guest
20190826 Hyderabad Deccan Fillies’ Championship Stakes *G3 3yof 1600T Well Connected
20190831 Pune Idar Gold Trophy *G3 4up 2400T Bushtops
20190902 Hyderabad Deccan Colts’ Championship Stakes *G3 3yocg 1600T Impavid
20190907 Pune Akkasaheb Maharaj Trophy *G3 4up 1200T Iron Age
20190909 Hyderabad President of India Gold Cup *G2 4up 2400T Desert God
20190911 Mysore H.H.Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar Memorial Trophy *G3 4up 1400T Cavallo Veloce
20190915 Pune S.A.Poonawalla Multi-Million *G3 3yo 1600T Sultan Suleiman
20190919 Mysore Mysore 1000 Guineas *G3 3yof 1600T Cosmic Ray
20190920 Mysore Maharaja’s Cup *G3 4up 1600T Kambaku
20190921 Pune Pune City Gold Cup *G3 3up 1600T La Rondine
20190922 Pune Indian St.Leger *G1 4yo 2800T Adjudicate
20190927 Mysore Mysore 2000 Guineas *G3 3yo 1600T Northern Alliance
20190929 Kolkata Calcutta Monsoon Derby *G2 3yo 2000T Trafalgar
20191006 Pune Fillies’ & Mares’ Stakes *G3 3upfm 1800T Auburn
20191011 Mysore Mysore Dasara Sprint Championship *G3 3up 1200T Knotty Ash
20191013 Pune Sprint Million *G3 4up 1200T Iron Age
20191013 Pune Pune Derby *G1 3yo 2000T Trouvaille
20191016 Hyderabad Deccan Derby *G1 3yo 2000T Consigliori
20191020 Mysore Mysore Derby *G1 3yo 2000T Southern Ruler
20191021 Hyderabad Golconda St.Leger *G2 4yo 2800T Desert God
20191026 Pune R.W.I.T.C. Ltd Gold Cup *G2 4up 2000T Bronx
20191122 Bangalore Rajyotsava Trophy *G3 3up 1400T Sakura
20191123 Kolkata Calcutta 1000 Guineas *G3 3yof 1600T Izzy
20191129 Bangalore Bangalore Turf Club Trophy *G3 3up 1200T Areca Legend
20191130 Bangalore Bangalore 1000 Guineas *G2 3yof 1600T Anjeze
20191202 Hyderabad Golconda 1000 Guineas *G2 3yof 1600T Paso Robles
20191207 Chennai South India 1000 Guineas *G2 3yof 1600T Star Appearance
20191207 Kolkata Calcutta 2000 Guineas *G2 3yo 1600T Tenno Sho
20191214 Bangalore Bangalore 2000 Guineas *G2 3yo 1600T War Hammer
20191215 Mumbai A.C.Ardeshir Trophy *G3 3up 1600T Grand Accord
20191216 Hyderabad Golconda 2000 Guineas *G2 3yo 1600T Vijays Singham
20191219 Chennai South India 2000 Guineas *G2 3yo 1600T Impavid
20191221 Mumbai Sir Homi Mehta Sprint Challenge *G3 3up 1000T Iron Age
20191221 Mumbai Indian 1000 Guineas *G1 3yof 1600T Gift of Grace
20191221 Kolkata Calcutta Gold Cup *G2 3up 1600T Star Superior
20191221 Kolkata Calcutta Oaks *G3 3yof 2400T Rosina
20191222 Mumbai Indian 2000 Guineas *G1 3yo 1600T Trouvaille
20191229 Mumbai Maharaja Jiwajirao Scindia Trophy *G2 3up 1800T Tasawwur


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