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2019 Results


Date Course Race Grade Age/Sex Distance Winner
20200101 Santa Anita Park Joe Hernandez Stakes G3 4up 5.5T Texas Wedge
20200104 Gulfstream Park Kitten’s Joy Stakes G3 3yo a7.5T Island Commish
20200104 Santa Anita Park Sham Stakes G3 3yo 8D Authentic
20200104 Santa Anita Park San Gabriel Stakes G2 4up 9T Desert Stone
20200105 Santa Anita Park Santa Ynez Stakes G2 3yof 7D Bast
20200111 Gulfstream Park Marshua’s River Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5T Magic Star
20200111 Gulfstream Park Tropical Turf Stakes G3 4up 8T Tusk
20200111 Santa Anita Park Las Cienegas Stakes G3 4upfm 5.5T Jolie Olimpica
20200111 Santa Anita Park La Canada Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5D Queen Bee to You
20200118 Aqueduct Toboggan Stakes G3 4up 7D Mind Control
20200118 Fair Grounds Louisiana Stakes G3 4up 8.5D Silver Dust
20200118 Fair Grounds LeComte Stakes G3 3yo 8.5D Enforceable
20200119 Santa Anita Park Astra Stakes G3 4upfm 12T Ms Peintour
20200120 Santa Anita Park Megahertz Stakes G3 4upfm 8T Carressa
20200125 Gulfstream Park Fred W. Hooper Stakes G3 4up 8D Phat Man
20200125 Gulfstream Park La Prevoyante Stakes G3 4upfm 12T Mean Mary
20200125 Gulfstream Park Inside Information Stakes G2 4upfm 7D Pink Sands
20200125 Gulfstream Park W. L. McKnight Stakes G3 4up 12T Spooky Channel
20200125 Gulfstream Park Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational G1 4up 9.5T Zulu Alpha
20200125 Gulfstream Park Pegasus World Cup Invitational G1 3up 9D Mucho Gusto
20200125 Santa Anita Park Palos Verdes Stakes G2 4up 6D Captain Scotty
20200126 Sam Houston Houston Ladies Classic G3 4upfm 8.5D Lady Apple
20200126 Sam Houston John B. Connally Turf Cup G3 4up 12T Dot Matrix
20200201 Aqueduct Withers Stakes G3 3yo 9D Max Player
20200201 Gulfstream Park Forward Gal Stakes G3 3yof 7D Tonalist’s Shape
20200201 Gulfstream Park Sweetest Chant Stakes G3 3yof 8T Cheermeister
20200201 Gulfstream Park Swale Stakes G3 3yo 7D Mischevious Alex
20200201 Gulfstream Park Holy Bull Stakes G2 3yo 8.5D Tiz the Law
20200201 Santa Anita Park Robert B. Lewis Stakes G3 3yo 8.5D Thousand Words
20200201 Santa Anita Park San Marcos Stakes G2 4up 10T United
20200201 Santa Anita Park San Pasqual Stakes G2 4up 9D Midcourt
20200208 Gulfstream Suwannee River Stakes G3 4upfm 9T Starship Jubilee
20200208 Santa Anita Park Las Virgenes Stakes G2 3yof 8D Venetian Harbor
20200208 Santa Anita Park Thunder Road Stakes G3 4up 8T River Boyne
20200208 Tampa Bay Endeavour Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5T Jehozacat
20200208 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Stakes G3 4up 8.5T Admiralty Pier
20200208 Tampa Bay Sam F. Davis Stakes G3 3yo 8.5D Sole Volante
20200209 Santa Anita Park San Vicente Stakes G2 3yo 7D Nadal
20200215 Fair Grounds Mineshaft Stakes G3 4up 8.5D Silver Dust
20200215 Fair Grounds Fair Grounds Stakes G3 4up a9T Factor This
20200215 Fair Grounds Rachel Alexandra Stakes G2 3yof 8.5D Finite
20200215 Fair Grounds Risen Star Stakes (Div.1) G2 3yo 9D Mr. Monomoy
20200215 Fair Grounds Risen Star Stakes (Div.2) G2 3yo 9D Modernist
20200215 Gulfstream Park Royal Delta Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5D Cookie Dough
20200215 Laurel Park Barbara Fritchie Stakes G3 4upfm 7D Majestic Reason
20200215 Laurel Park General George Stakes G3 4up 7D Firenze Fire
20200215 Santa Anita Park Santa Monica Stakes G2 4upfm 7D Hard Not to Love
20200216 Santa Anita Park Sweet Life Stakes G3 3yof 5.5T Laura’s Light
20200217 Oaklawn Park Bayakoa Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5D Go Google Yourself
20200217 Oaklawn Park Razorback Handicap G3 4up 8.5D Warrior’s Charge
20200217 Oaklawn Park Southwest Stakes G3 3yo 8.5D Silver Prospector
20200222 Gulfstream Park World of Trouble Sprint Stakes G3 4up 6D Jackson
20200222 Santa Anita Park Buena Vista Stakes G2 4upfm 8T Keeper Ofthe Stars
20200229 Gulfstream Park Palm Beach Stakes G3 3yo 8.5T
20200229 Gulfstream Park Canadian Turf Stakes G3 4up 8T
20200229 Gulfstream Park The Very One Stakes G3 4upfm 9.5T
20200229 Gulfstream Park Herecomesthebride Stakes G3 3yof 8.5T
20200229 Gulfstream Park Honey Fox Stakes G3 4upfm 8T
20200229 Gulfstream Park Davona Dale Stakes G2 3yof 8D
20200229 Gulfstream Park Fountain of Youth Stakes G2 3yo 8.5D
20200229 Gulfstream Park Mac Diarmida Stakes G2 4up 11T
20200229 Gulfstream Park Gulfstream Park Mile Stakes G2 4up 8D
20200307 Aqueduct Tom Fool Handicap G3 4up 6D
20200307 Aqueduct Gotham Stakes G3 3yo 8D
20200307 Oaklawn Park Honeybee Stakes G3 3yof 8.5D
20200307 Santa Anita Park Frank E. Kilroe Mile G1 4up 8T
20200307 Santa Anita Park San Carlos Stakes G2 3up 7D
20200307 Santa Anita Park Santa Anita Handicap G1 4up 10D
20200307 Santa Anita Park San Felipe Stakes G2 3yo 8.5D
20200307 Tampa Bay Hillsborough Stakes G2 4upfm 9T
20200307 Tampa Bay Florida Oaks G3 3yof 8.5T
20200307 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Derby G2 3yo 8.5D
20200308 Santa Anita Park Santa Ysabel Stakes G3 3yof 8.5D
20200314 Gulfstream Park Hurricane Bertie Stakes G3 4upfm 7D
20200314 Turfway Park Jeff Ruby Steaks G3 3yo 9AW
20200314 Oaklawn Park Azeri Stakes G2 4upfm 8.5D
20200314 Oaklawn Park Rebel Stakes G2 3yo 8.5D
20200314 Santa Anita Park Beholder Mile Stakes G1 3upfm 8D
20200314 Santa Anita Park San Simeon Stakes G3 3up 5.5T
20200321 Fair Grounds New Orleans Classic G2 4up 9D
20200321 Fair Grounds Muniz Memorial Classic G2 4up a9T
20200321 Fair Grounds Fair Grounds Oaks G2 3yof 8.5D
20200321 Fair Grounds Louisiana Derby G2 3yo 9.5D
20200321 Santa Anita Park San Luis Rey Stakes G2 4up 12T
20200322 Sunland Park Sunland Derby G3 3yo 9D
20200327 Gulfstream Park Appleton Stakes G3 4up 8T
20200327 Gulfstream Park Hal’s Hope Stakes G3 4up 9D
20200328 Gulfstream Park Orchid Stakes G3 4upfm 11T
20200328 Gulfstream Park Gulfstream Park Oaks G2 3yof 8.5D
20200328 Gulfstream Park Pan American Stakes G2 4up 12T
20200328 Gulfstream Park Florida Derby G1 3yo 9D
20200328 Santa Anita Park Santa Ana Stakes G3 4upfm 10T
20200403 Aqueduct Distaff Handicap G3 4upfm 7D
20200403 Keeneland Transylvania Stakes G3 3yo 8.5T
20200404 Aqueduct Bay Shore Stakes G3 3yo 7D
20200404 Aqueduct Excelsior Stakes G3 4up 9D
20200404 Aqueduct Gazelle Stakes G2 3yof 9D
20200404 Aqueduct Carter Handicap G1 4up 7D
20200404 Aqueduct Wood Memorial Stakes G2 3yo 9D
20200404 Keeneland Commonwealth Stakes G3 4up 7D
20200404 Keeneland Shakertown Stakes G2 3up 5.5T
20200404 Keeneland Madison Stakes G1 4upfm 7D
20200404 Keeneland Ashland Stakes G1 3yof 8.5D
20200404 Keeneland Blue Grass Stakes G2 3yo 9D
20200404 Santa Anita Park Santa Anita Oaks G1 3yof 8.5D
20200404 Santa Anita Park Royal Heroine Stakes G2 4upfm 8T
20200404 Santa Anita Park Santa Anita Derby G1 3yo 9D
20200404 Santa Anita Park Providencia Stakes G3 3yof 9T
20200405 Keeneland Beaumont Stakes G3 3yof a7D
20200405 Keeneland Appalachian Stakes G2 3yof 8T
20200405 Santa Anita Park Las Flores Stakes G3 4upfm 6D
20200410 Keeneland Maker’s 46 Mile G1 4up 8T
20200410 Oaklawn Park Fantasy Stakes G3 3yof 8.5D
20200411 Keeneland Ben Ali Stakes G3 4up 9D
20200411 Keeneland Lexington Stakes G3 3yo 8.5D
20200411 Keeneland Jenny Wiley Stakes G1 4upfm 8.5T
20200411 Oaklawn Park Count Fleet Sprint Handicap G3 4up 6D
20200411 Oaklawn Park Arkansas Derby G1 3yo 9D
20200417 Keeneland Doubledogdare Stakes G3 4upfm 8.5D
20200418 Charles Town Charles Town Classic G2 4up 9D
20200418 Oaklawn Park Oaklawn Handicap G2 4up 9D
20200418 Oaklawn Park Apple Blossom Handicap G1 4upfm 8.5D
20200418 Santa Anita Park Californian Stakes G2 3up 9D
20200418 Keeneland Dixiana Elkhorn Stakes G2 4up 12T
20200419 Santa Anita Park Tokyo City Cup G3 4up 12D
20200419 Santa Anita Park Kona Gold Stakes G2 3up 6.5D
20200424 Keeneland Bewitch Stakes G3 4upfm 12T
20200425 Golden Gate Fields San Francisco Mile Stakes G3 3up 8T
20200425 Santa Anita Park Santa Margarita Stakes G2 4upfm 9D
20200426 Lone Star Park Steve Sexton Mile Stakes G3 3up 8D


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